The aims of SEA are:

  1. the promotion of renewable energy as a cost effective energy option for affordable, inexhaustible and clean energy
  2. to conduct research, do advocacy work around issues and policies in the industry, to inform and influence decision makers and offer a membership program to help connect people within the field or who use renewable energy in their daily lives, in particular to lobby the Government of Bermuda, the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda and all energy producers;
  3. to champion the use of renewable energy through advocacy and education in the general public
  4. to be a  source of information, influence and interconnection for the businesses that are involved in efficiency technologies and services and the users of such renewable energy.

For the purposes of these Aims, the term “renewable energy” shall include but not be limited to:

  • solar energy (inclusive of photovoltaic and thermal technology), which shall be the principal focus of SEA in the initial phases of its existence
  • wind energy
  • hydro energy
  • marine tide energy
  • geothermal energy
  • bio-energy
  • energy storage; and
  • any other appropriate renewable energy technology
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