April 18, 2018

We are writing to inform you of a recently formed group of like minded concerned Bermudians, the Bermuda Solar Energy Association (the “Association”)

The Association was formed in conjunction with Bermudian solar suppliers and installers. Our goal is to be a unified body representing members’ interests in addressing present and future challenges currently facing solar users in Bermuda.

As you are hopefully aware, the current rate we are able to sell solar power to the utility has been greatly reduced since initial introduction of widespread community adoption.  This was a direct result of the Emergency General Determination (the “EGD”) implemented in April 2017 by the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (the “RA”). The EGD was reaffirmed by the RA on 2 March 2018 at a very low rate of 0.17 per kWh, significantly less than our only utility provider charges end users.

Over this same period, the Association’s informal executive committee has challenged the RA on the basis of this determination.  Based on extensive research and analysis we believe the rate was calculated incorrectly, absent measurable and industry wide standards acceptable and recognized in comparably developed jurisdictions, thereby resulting in significant detrimental financial harm to solar users, adopters and the industry generally.

The RA have acknowledged our well documented concerns and have informed us that a review of the rate will occur over the next two weeks (tentatively by the end of April.)  We aim to provide considered, researched and helpful consultation to the RA in an attempt to raise the rate to a more satisfactory level going forward, based on widespread and internationally recognized comparative standards.

So what can you do?  

We are asking that you join the Association so we can unify solar users under one collective voice.  We feel strongly that unification will give us a better chance in achieving our goals for a more satisfactory solar buy back rate and provide solar energy a brighter future in Bermuda.

To join the Association, simply visit our website and fill out the contact form:

Please include your address, contact information and details about your solar system.

At present, the Association comprises the following volunteer Executive Committee Members:

  • George Masters – Chairman
  • Peter Parker – Deputy Chairman
  • Kevin Gunther – Treasurer
  • Liam McKittrick – Secretary
  • Damion Wilson – Executive Committee Member
  • BAE Solar (Bermuda Alternative Energy) – Solar Provider – Executive Committee Member
  • AES Solar (Alternative Energy Systems) – Solar Provider – Executive Committee Member
  • BE Solar (Bermuda Engineering Company Ltd.) – Solar Provider – Executive Committee Member

Contact Information:

Bermuda Solar Energy Association

48 Par – La – Ville – Road, Suite 1254

Hamilton, HM11


Telephone: 441 232 3936



Introduction Letter to Bermuda Solar Energy Association

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